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The 2018 Planning Guide for Relocation, Downsizing and Liquidation

 January 2018
The 2018 Planning Guide for
Relocation, Downsizing, and Liquidation
You’ve made the brave decision to move into a new place this year. The hardest part for many people is getting started on what that move looks like after you’ve found your new residence.
Moving can be both a physical and psychological process. From furniture pieces and photos that hold memories, to deciding what to purge, to the labor it takes to move each item, a plan can help simplify the moving process for anyone.
We’ve gathered knowledge from our experts and more to create a relocation planning guide for your moving process. Read more about the 7 phases.
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As life changes, so does our use of space. For every milestone in our life, we use space differently. Whether you’re welcoming a new child, or proudly in the empty nest phase you may have decided the space you are in is no longer right for your needs. Preparing for a new rightsized space can be an overwhelming prospect. Planning for your move can help you manage the process over time.

In preparation of a downsize or rightsize here are a few items to check off your list. See our checklist.
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As you make a house your home, many households acquire a plethora of items over time. Eventually you may find yourself saturated in clutter. Starting the declutter process to a clean and orderly home can feel daunting when you have an entire house to go through. Often with decluttering, you find items that are in excellent shape yet no longer have use in your home. These items may be great for liquidation.

We put together a few tips and tricks to get your decluttering process started and help you recognize items that may work well in an estate sale or online auction.
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